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The Bunker Military Museum to Present

The Bunker Military Museum first opened to the public in 1990.  It was originally located in the former Ontario Northland train station in Cobalt, Ontario. But its humble beginnings actually stretch back to the end of World War 2. James "Jim" Jones, a veteran of the Second World War, returned from active duty with an assortment of artefacts and memorabilia. For years, Jim displayed his collection in the basement of his home. Finally, in 1989, Jim's collection moved to the old ONR station ensuring more people would be able to enjoy it. 

In 2010 plans for a new location in the Fraser Hotel Block started. Designed from the ground up using new museum standards for construction and materials, the new museum boasts 5600 square feet of exhibit space. Opened to the public in 2012, the renewed Bunker Military Museum of Cobalt is one of the largest galleries in Northern Ontario. 

The Unique collection on display consists of artefacts from the Boer War to present day conflicts and includes items from around the world. Canadian, British, American, German, Italian, Russian, French and items from many other nations are prominently displayed. 


Our Mission Statement


The Bunker Military Museum is dedicated to developing, operating and maintaining a public military museum and collection archives whose primary purpose is to preserve and display Canadian and International military artifacts and documents for the general public without gain to its members, and to perpetuate and maintain military cultural heritage for future generations. Not to glorify war, but to remember the sacrifices made by so many people from all walks of life.


Our Digital Collection Archive

The Bunker Military Museum is committed to providing public access to our archives and research material. Check out our digital archive now!


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Becoming a member offers you free access to the Museum, early bird access to new exhibits and news, and is a great way to support us. For more information on becoming a member of the Museum and its benefits, drop us a line in the Contact Us section. 


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